Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What is FAITH?

Hi Evangelism leaders and worshipers of God,

I would love to gather us all together in one room someday – to look at each of our faces and lives, hug each one of you and tell you I love you. In the mean time - “I love you and am praying for each one of you to grow closer to, stronger in, more into the image of....JESUS!”

Out of everything we could discuss in our personal lives, what’s happening (or not happening well:) in our workplaces, ministries and relationships – I would like to “talk with you” about your faith in Jesus. In fact, better than that, I want God Himself to talk to you about your faith in Jesus...through the writer of Hebrews.

Today’s devotions in the New Testament finds us in Hebrews 11. My strong exhortation to you today....READ, Meditate and Pray through Hebrews 10-12...YES, all at once. We can plan, program and prepare for services, events, work deadlines, family meals and events, ETC. – but would you take time to really meditate on Hebrews 10-12? Are you not hungry to grow closer to Jesus – more in His image – to live for Him, by faith according to His Word?

Watch your faith in Christ be ignited and infused by the Holy Spirit of God – through Hebrews 10-12!

Learning and growing with we “Build Back to the Christ-likeness,