Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ministry Tensions by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro

Ministry Tensions

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro,

from a staff meeting in 2008

  • There’s a saying “What you do is not the same as who you are.”
  • This may apply to all except possibly pastors & shepherds.
  • As a pastor & shepherd, who you are IS what you do and what you do IS who you are.
  • There are a lot of similarities with CEO’s and pastors, but when it comes to a “calling” they differ.
  • A salesperson won’t talk business after 5:00 pm. A shepherd or minister is like a “Country Doctor.”
  • A minister is called by God to shepherd. It’s a 24/7 job. You can’t clock out.
  • If God calls you to be a shepherd, you can’t escape His calling.
  • You are first and foremost a shepherd ~ a staff member that God has given a gift to (gift of administration, working with you, accounting, etc.) to serve in, but you will always first be a shepherd.
  • The easiest thing in the world to do is to be yourself.
  • The sooner you are comfortable with who you are, the happier you will be.
  • Shepherding is who you are.
  • If you say “I punch out at 5:00 pm” it may diminish your passion. You may permanently lose the part of your heart that you need to be in order to be fruitful and compassionate in ministry.
  • There will be times of still waters & greener pastures.

How to resolve to make sure you’re finding still waters & greener pastures and not burning out:

  • Find respite in the tension of ministry.
    • Learn to reproduce yourself in others ~ build teams. Change your mentality.
  • Solitude ~ not isolation.
    • Solitude is a choice. Isolation is the consequences of violating solitude.
  • Godly planning. Take time to plan.
  • Physical health.
  • Family health.
  • Learn to graciously say “No” when needing to.
    • If you a young leader and say “no” too quickly in the beginning, you may think your plate is small because you don’t want to be stretched. In reality, God thinks your plate is bigger.
    • Learn to say “Yes” more than “No.” You won’t learn where the edge of your plate is without pain.
    • Pain causes you to find the edge of your plate
    • If you have to say no, a good way to say it is “I’d love to but can’t, but let me help you find someone who can.”
  • Commit to learning. The Bible says people perish due to lack of knowledge.
  • Have the presence of God in your life.
  • Hang around inspiring people.
  • Have a Heart-Check
    • Listen to “pain” inside of you.
    • Broken relationships have broken communication, which then leads to wrong assumptions.
    • You are responsible to make sure your relationships are clean so you don’t send broken signals.
    • Keep relationships strong ~ over-communicate.
    • If you sense a relationship breaking down, find a reason to email or talk to the person.
  • In ministry there will be tension.
  • You are the people the enemy will focus on to destroy.
  • You’re going to get nailed.
  • The way the enemy will get at you will be to use others.
  • He knows how to take people out.

Your calling is something that the Lord has asked you to do. You can’t escape it. Think correctly ~ it will help you immensely!

Monday, August 1, 2011

LEAD Midweek - Schedule August-October

We begin the Irresistible Church Series: Every Wednesday!

Aug. 17: Rod Shimabukuro and Frieda Takaki; Hunger for God’s Presence; A Prayer and Healing Service

Aug. 24: Alex Michel; Remembers Who She Is

Aug. 31: Sam Kapu; Lives Heart First

Sept. 7: Marcus Sanders; Practices Gratefulness

Sept. 14: Rod Shimabukuro [Men's Panel]; Promotes Healthy Relationships

Sept. 21: John Tilton; Is Always Learning

Sept. 28: Rod Shimabukuro & Shon Kihewa; Promotes Spiritual Self Feeding

Oct. 5: Elwin Ahu; Connects Everything to a Soul

Oct. 12: Richard Waialeale; Chooses to Love

Oct. 19: Rod Shimabukuro; Takes risks

Oct 26: Susie Lam; Humbles Itself

Nov. 2: Kyle Lum; Has a Plan