Monday, August 1, 2011

LEAD Midweek - Schedule August-October

We begin the Irresistible Church Series: Every Wednesday!

Aug. 17: Rod Shimabukuro and Frieda Takaki; Hunger for God’s Presence; A Prayer and Healing Service

Aug. 24: Alex Michel; Remembers Who She Is

Aug. 31: Sam Kapu; Lives Heart First

Sept. 7: Marcus Sanders; Practices Gratefulness

Sept. 14: Rod Shimabukuro [Men's Panel]; Promotes Healthy Relationships

Sept. 21: John Tilton; Is Always Learning

Sept. 28: Rod Shimabukuro & Shon Kihewa; Promotes Spiritual Self Feeding

Oct. 5: Elwin Ahu; Connects Everything to a Soul

Oct. 12: Richard Waialeale; Chooses to Love

Oct. 19: Rod Shimabukuro; Takes risks

Oct 26: Susie Lam; Humbles Itself

Nov. 2: Kyle Lum; Has a Plan