Saturday, April 3, 2010

Great Worship - worshipers at New Hope!

I wanted to express these thoughts to you - each of our servants and faithful volunteers in our Evangelism ministries - and volunteer ranks at New Hope. My email below, to a couple of leaders, express my heart and conviction - that everyone of you, committed to Jesus is a worshiper!

Hello Mary Kay & Tom,

I just wanted to send a personal thank you to you both, for the great worship! Yes...excellent worship!

You see, people come up to me to express their thanks for great worship – through song, music... I thank them, sharing that it is an honor for me to be a part of loving Jesus through the gifts He’s given me.

I want to say to you and our Communion Angels, Greeter and Ushers – Great Worship! You worship God through your service – we all do. But the gift of service is connected to a heart of gratitude, honor and adoration of JESUS – the One and Only True God, worthy of our worship! Thanks for the great worship, through your dedication to Him, your love for Him and commitment to give Him ALL adoration!