Sunday, February 14, 2010

B3 in C3

God...I love our Evangelism family!

Welcome to the Ri'Fresh blog, designed to make disciples, encouraging you in your faith and relationship with Jesus. I'll also communicate Evangelism news, upcoming events, etc. If you want me to address any Evangelism news, communication, concerns, Biblical questions, etc...please email me at I will post my response for the team to view.

2010 Evangelism-FrontLines Theme:

Building back to Basics [B3] in Christ-likeness, the Church, Competency [C3]
That's what B3 in C3 is!

1. Christ-likeness: Deepening and developing intimacy with Jesus, while becoming more like Him in life, word, actions according to His Word.
2. Church: Understanding who we are as Kingdom disciples in His Church (capital C) and knowing, owning, living out New Hope's mission and core values.
3. Competency: Growing in skill, technique and gifting' to please God.