Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remember...New Hope Totems?

Totems of New Hope applied in my life:

1. Doing Church As a Team – Need we say more. There’s a great book out that speaks on this topic J!

Rod - Serve the “shy, lonely, weak, proud, rebellious, needy, etc.” be a servant on your team, at your work, in your family, with Jesus compassion

2. Heart first – Don’t let technique, talent, skill or the art of a task overtake the “heart” behind the task.

The thing that I least like doing, may I do with all my heart unto the Lord. The kinds of people and personalities that irritate me...repent of my self centeredness and put on Jesus kindness and love. Guard my thoughts and heart against negative thoughts and attitudes.

3. Undying devotion to God & His Word – Being mentored by the Holy Spirit through the men & women God wrote of in His Word – through their life experiences – failures, weaknesses, strengths & victories. your devotions at least once per week with Beckie, the kids, a friend or accountability partner. Go the extra step to live out what God has spoken to you through accountability.

4. Gracious in all our dealings – Let kindness and joy be qualities we exemplify and emmanuelize. Don’t allow the enemy to pick pocket our joy, love and grace.

Who am I short fused with? Why? Who am I holding grudges against or being “cold” to? Be gracious and compassionate heart, thought, attitude, countenance, body language and words. Am I smiling when troubled? Am I positive in negative situations?

5. The Harvest – connect Everything to a soul. You may not need to change your activity – but philosophy, the way leaders & people think

Do I have non Christian friends I am being a witness to? Share Jesus with your gym friends. Am I home enough to serve my neighbors?

6. Invest in and build up Emerging LeadersUse tasks to complete people – not people to complete tasks.

Am I building fractals, making room for more people to be involved and investing in training others to do what I do?