Sunday, March 7, 2010

Core Values - Am I, are we, as Staff, Living our values?

Hello Evangelism Leaders:

As a staff pastor and leader of Evangelism and our church, I don't love and appreciate you for your gifts, talents, service - I love you for your commitment to Jesus, His Word, to becoming a stronger disciple and to His church - capital C!

Without YOU, our volunteer leaders and servants, we shrink in fulfilling His call - not just to reach our world for Jesus and do church as a team, but to BE the Family of God who chooses to express His love in community with the Godhead and one another!

There's an urgency in my heart to be one with you, our volunteers, our volunteer leaders and servants. To serve, shepherd, value and honor you in a manner worthy of Him!

I challenge you - to challenge me. To hold me, our staff accountable to our Core Values!
  • God is worthy of my very best, so I commit to a lifestyle of spiritual growth with honest accountability, genuinely loving and caring for our volunteers, because our volunteers are so valuable to God, to His kingdom and New Hope. I commit to doing church as a team, as as a developing & deployed minister, presenting the Gospel of Jesus as one team, to reach hearts while equipping emerging volunteers and leaders to reach our generation for Jesus... Together!
  • Am I living towards these values? Do I treat you in a manner worthy of your calling in Jesus?
Thank you for your commitment to me, our Evangelism staff, to partner with us to worship & love Him, grow in & live for Him, and fulfill His Kingdom will together!

with much love, honor and great respect - your brother, friend and pastor,