Monday, March 15, 2010

"Still Undefeated!"

I was tired after a long weekend at church but decided to go running. I was doing some wind sprints (trying to:) and I was exhausted! While trying to muster up energy to continue, I saw a t-shirt someone was wearing that said “Still Undefeated.”

Yes, i really enjoy martial arts, boxing and contact sports! Having a winning record on a team or individual sports is a good goal. Who wants to lose or be known as a loser? Of course, I believe losing can build character, losing can be a part of life, losing can make winning that much more rewarding and all the other benefits we can list of losing.

But when it comes to my Lord and Savior - my personal relationship with Jesus - how I live my life - I can say by the grace and mercy of God [and I mean by the grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, strength of God!] - I am STILL UNDEFEATED! Undefeated because Jesus has already defeated the devil and conquered sin, death and all evil!

Brothers and sisters!

You and I are undefeated because of the work of the cross of Christ! Yes, we get knocked, down, stumble in our sin, get discouraged, yadi-yadi-yadi-yadi...ya!

But thanks be to God who ALWAYS leads us in triumph in Christ! 2 Cor. 2:14

Let’s get a hold of our victory, by getting a hold of our promises and truths in Jesus, through His Word! We’ve got the victory because we’ve got the Victor --- living in us!