Tuesday, March 2, 2010

B3 and teams

Hello Leaders:

B3 - Building Back to Basics ... and team building!

How can we build teams at New Hope? We need to fully understand the importance of being a team player!

Sometimes it's easier to "just do things yourself" isn't it? But that can be so selfish because we want to avoid "the hassles" of working with others, waiting on others or communicating with others.

Leaders will build teams. But leaders must be team builders. In other words, you and I must be able to build people, develop solid relationship, communication and listening skills. Then we may say "I am a team player" - until I don't get "my way" or something or someone is interfering us.

Dear Evangelism Leaders - Let's build teams, by being people builders and team players.

Action Plan:
  1. Develop people skills.
  2. Build your fractal team.
  3. Meet with your fractal teams to build relationships, not just building ministry.
  4. Pray sincerely for one another...this can be life changing!
Building hearts with you,